Cookies are small files that get stored on your computer when you visit a website. Their main role is to monitor the browsing behavior, to help us improve the display, and make the website deliver you with tailored information to suit your particular needs.

Why does Floral-Expert use cookies?

Floral-Expert uses cookies to recall browsing information, and to make shopping faster, easier and more fun. You will not need to enter your information every time you visit. Your browsing becomes faster, and the website will provide you with options and preferences based on your browsing history. Cookies also allow us to evaluate our display in order to improve your shopping experience.

Which cookies does Floral-Expert use?

The cookies that Floral-Expert uses are the types that monitor website behavior, namely our products and displays. They help us to continuously improve our products and services.

How can I learn more about cookies, manage, or delete them?

You can get more information about cookies and find the steps to disable them in the “Help” section of your browser. This is feasible in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera. Please note that if cookies are disabled, you might not be able to access some parts of the website, including the purchasing section. We advise you to keep our cookies as they are totally safe, and made to provide you with a better service.

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